For sale Leica M4-P chrome “1913-1983”,

Leica M4-P chrome “1913-83”, with 2,0/50mm, Winder



Leica M4-P collectors edition “1913-83″, with Summicron-M 2,0/50mm”1913-83”, Winder

A special edition ofthe M4-P silver chrome was issued at the end of 1983 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of when Oskar Barnack completed the first prototype Leica.

The cameras have a special number and are engraved with the curved script logo and the years ´1913-1983´on the back ofthe top plate and the front edge of the base plate, which is black.

The edition was limited to 2500 and supplied in sets only in some countries.F_Leica_M4-P-1F_Leica_M4-P-6dsc_1909

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